Thursday, March 03, 2005

What Happened to Truegrit?

For those of you who happen to know this is a blog done by little ol' moi the same who is notoriously infamous (as opposed to famous) for writing truegrit, I will proceed to complain about the strange transmografications (ok the spellings off-it's a weird word) of truegrit -as the guys over @ try to upgrade their servers...or whatever. I sympathize with them, anything done on the tech backend of websites is just plain scary and fraught with dangers of LOSING EVERYTHING. Face that. If I cared about the longevity of my writing I would back up everything. twice. But I leave it to chance which means I know I stand a pretty good chance of starting over who knows how many times.

I have been there before. Red Rival and Crosswinds dumped my sites on their servers numerous times before going paid and then leaving me out in the rain (homeless). Much like upsaid. So, yeh, been there before.

It looks like weblogs has old truegrit template and files up to Oct. 04.
I don't know, I guess that is better than nothing... and I remain optimistic that they'll get it right. If not.... there is google for die-hard retrieving.

I'll just do clean-slate pollyanna. Or get retrograde angry...which is dynamic for mean blogging I guess..... let's see which way I land after the geeks try their hand at server-switching.