Monday, March 07, 2005

Received my Adagio teas, today. I was so happy and surprised that the package arrived so soon after signing up. After I try the teas, I plan to order from them...just because I liked getting the samples. I will most likely order a collection of oolong, since that is my favorite tea of the moment.

Unrelated. I posted some jokes on my other blog, and I started thinking about how people need to laugh. We need to have things that make us chuckle and smile and laugh out loud. It is healing and wholesome.

Not that my jokes were wholesome...they weren't; it is just that it can be like priming the well. Sometimes we get so sad we laugh. Well, I do. And then it is just a matter of allowing that to lift ones view enough to see the amusing and even the joyful.

Maybe that is why I prefer comedy to most other types of entertainment right now. I get so weighed down for so long, that it is just not healthy, and a stand up comedy like the Blue Collar- except for one of the guys, one is just too crass for my liking. Or old SNL, stuff like that.