Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Personality Disorders is a page I came across through a link while blog-exploring. I think via Wide Awakes, or something. Anyway, they were comparing the Left to those who have the Peter Pan Syndrome. As I read through I saw a picture of my husband. I kind of knew that, but it brought it home to me.

Our roles and how they changed were some of the really challenging things in our marriage. I was the strong and he was the weak, but as I had more children and we tried to live out the Christian calling those roles and their attributes changed places. There is nothing weaker than a woman who has just had a baby- believe me. At least not in the norms of life. Never having had cancer I couldn't compare it that, but in the normal modes of life I have to rate postpartum me as my weakest time ever.

Anyway, I am going to look through the list and find me. I am sure I am in there. A few years ago I was looking at mental health stuff and typed myself as a hostile. I'll see if I think that still fits....