Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tonight saw "The Village". I think that is what it is called-my husband picks the movies, I just watch them. That is one very strange movie. The end was actually a bit of a surprise, mainly because I wasn't sure whether the highly stylized manner of most of it wasn't just symbolic and presenting a philosophical view-which it was, but the end was something of a surprise.

I know that I am watching way too much video along with way too much computer time, but really I have an excuse. It is called STIR CRAZY.

Wow. Glad that is out of my system. I think I will walk around my yard tomorrow in the wet and sink maybe, three inches down, -just kidding, about the walk. No I will stay inside and try to break the mood with ...I don't know, more blogging? Actually I hope to break from the computer tomorrow... and maybe for a couple days after that. Maybe I will read for more than twenty minutes. Now that would be different, of late. Maybe I will cook a real dinner as opposed to my reasonable facsimiles of dinners...that would be different too-but wait. that means shopping.ooooh nooooo, not shopping.

I didn't agree with the premises in The Village. Another, you'll live:)