Monday, January 10, 2005

About some movies I watched lately.

First someone on a blog dissed Open Water. I thought it was a bit home-movie at first, but by the end I felt that it was probably one of the more horror producing for all that. It was an interesting movie in some ways and not in others. The dialog seemed fairly realistic, and the manner of filming gave it a fresh feel.

Now on the other hand everyone is talking up Napoleon Dynamite. This I do not understand... it is like visiting people that I regularly had contact with a couple decades ago and still run across, lately. No kidding. I live in the Midwest. You see lots of this sort of "action" in the Midwest USA. I have to say I tolerated it better with the commentary by the actors/producers whoever. These poeple who look at you blankly and say "idiot!" are people I like to avoid. But especially the Uncle Rico character people..... I especially avoid them.

I know people will think I just don't get this.... but I did get it. And I still don't like it. But my kids love it, so I had to sit through a couple showings of it over the time they had it. And now I have to hear my teenage son constantly say "idiot!" in the same inflections that high school boys I grew up with said it to each other (none would have dared say that to me.... I had comebacks like "you sanctimonious prig" - which I actually felt badly about when I used it, the poor guy looked so crestfallen). I could do without hearing Napoleon-inflected invective throughout my day, now, though. "Moron" - I better stop before I haunt my own mind with this stuff......

Ok, those were my form of reviews.