Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I have watched ye olde stocks falling the last couple days... easy come easy go. Trying to get my kids jump started on their schooling- essay writing to be exact. Yes, I know how to write.... I just don't want to do it that way. {sure, Ilona} -hey! third person! Now how effete is that?

I watched Troy on video last night. and -completely unrelated- could not sleep well all night. I think it was the nasty constant drip of rain. I couldn't find the aspirin either. That was a bummer.

Want to know what I had for dinner last night and for breakfast this morning? chocolate. I am going to be sooooo sorry that I am allowing my extreme parts of personality so much dominance.... for the last week I have just about done only what I want to do. when I want.... except for a few exceptions. I think it is sort of a pendulum swing from the vast amount of displacement of self that took place over the holidays. I really was bending over backwards most of the last couple months.

Gives a major crick in ones back.

Ohyeah... the outdoor mice have been invading. That happens alot when you live rural. You just break out the mouse traps and all... but I majorly hate rodents.

Except squirrels...from far away. I don't like squirrels that get overly familiar with my habitat, but I have cats around that ensure that does not happen. Not for that reason-it just works that way.

update: that was second person, wasn't it? Now I'm not sure and will have to brush up. second is maybe Ilona would be third except I addressed it like to someone I was talking to, which technically is second person. Unless I was talking to you about me, which is a side comment, which then made me correct before I went through all this....

OK. I promise to stop rereading my own stupid posts... so much. I mean I can't totally stop just like thaat.