Monday, December 27, 2004

Today my mother is in hypermode. Talking a mile a minute with the kids... the older ones mostly. I am getting ready to get off the computer and get ready for my dr. appt.

I am glad to get out for a bit altho' I hate doctor appt.'s

I went to the appointment. Everything is stable. I am over that hurdle for the next few months.

My mother's talking has upped and -if possible- speeded in numbers of words per minute. I, in turn, get quieter....

It makes my mind mind spiral out into space.

I was out driving and took my son shopping. He wanted gloves- so we hit several stores until we found what he wanted. I bought chocolate:)

I will have to exercise for sure... it is needful to bring down the eye pressure. I tell you, if I don't start on my own by the middle of the month I will join Jazzercise or something. No more excuses.