Thursday, December 30, 2004

After Christmas Blues

The news: my home phonelines are down, I drive my mom back home today, this weekend I will blog in earnest and I am planning a makeover for truegrit. My son thinks my pic looks "disturbing". Maybe I can get a new pic taken today in the fog before I brave the roads.

I am on my old computer in my husbands filthy office. I tell you I don't think he wipes any thing off ever. He has my old IBM and it is coated with dark gray. The offscouring of a thousand grimy work days. YUK. He dreads that I am out here because I have already said some things portending a cleanup. "Don't you wipe anything off?" were the exact words I used. He ignored them... but that is only temporary. The holiday gloves are off. :) the Mr. Clean gloves are now on.... it is a new year.

Anyway, I feel like doing some graphics and promised the hubbydubby-do ( no I don't call him that...just playin' on the blog) some business cards. I feel like icy blues and something cool for colors. So I will probably redo truegrit in something like that unless a pic inspires another color scheme.

Drinking lots of tea maybe some theme-worthy blog or two on that. None of us likes Stash Earl Grey. I think the Twinings is best, myself, but Bigelow is ok. Did get some green Chai to try. And my mother loves the red box Stash Chai. so I bought some for her to take home.

I have wasted food this week... try to not feel guilty.

I do not want to drive in this dense fog.... but I miscalculated the conditions for this week; should have driven yesterday.

I hate that about myself. I must learn to follow my instincts and to strike while the iron is hot. I am a hesitater/procrastinator par excellance.

Hopefully they fix the phones soon- I want my own computer and my graphics progs.

that reminds me... I was thinking about how spoiled we get and how ungrateful- it is positively sinful, and exposed as so in light of the devastations that the news has reported daily since Christmas- the tsunami damage is horrific enough, but has dwarfed other calamities that we would normally have front-center in the news. Mucho bad news.

Does the news create more compassion or does it inurr us? I am not sure. It is hard to digest the enormity of the reports.

Still foggy. Must get going anyway. ciao.


You know those nice leather gloves I drove around town with my son to get? Yes. Yesterday he used them to make a snow man. That's right... sopping wet leather gloves drying by the stove. I calmly told him that if he ruins those gloves using them that way he never should buy anything as nice like that (or have others buy them, ahem!)

He turned his nose up at the weather-proof gloves... and those are what he should have if he wants to build snowmen! It bugged me because we have many pairs of said snow-worthy gloves around here. and he likes to go around in a leather jacket and complain about how cold it is. This is the twenty-somethings gauge of how to live life? I have no pity. I told him he should wear a decent jacket meant for the freeze- we have those available for him as well. It takes time to listen to mom's- he is hte one who bought me a cute sign...that is prominent by the back door. I have to refresh on the quote ( see I don't even pay attention). Ok, we are getting to the root of the problem here, I see.....