Friday, November 12, 2004

That Chai recipe was from the Chicago Mensa Site, btw. Check out the many interesting recipes in their "Cheap Eats" section.

I am getting ready to write another essay on the subject of being a SAHM. But in the meantime I am thinking about creative ways to try to contribute to our family's income. Seriously looking into trying ebay...since I have a veritable wealth of clutter and I always try to de-junk my life. The trouble is, as with many clutter-ers, my junk is good junk. Ebay was made the force it has become by and for people like me.

I just have to get past that initial inertia phase.... better known as procrastination. I have dabbled as far as I dare to with stocks. I am so conservative and bitty with it I am almost ashamed. But so far it sure beats the savings account. Which I still have because I am still bitty and conservative.

I ought to be a bit scared since we have no real retirement. Really. Not just poor talk there. I didn't go bust after the stock ( of which I had none) boom went bust. No, I had my own future investment boom called babies. Most of which are growing long nicely, but I amnot sure where that leaves retirement..... unless I turn out to be a VERRRRY late bloomer in the investment club trade....

I have to say that my math handicaps are a real liability. I can't figure worth beans. I pray and go with the gut... and figure things out with research.

Anyway, that is the latest with my endeavors. I looked into paralegal work, but they are changing the requirements and it is more time and money than this old bird can manage.

I figure lots of people my age are having to look with new eyes at what they can do in their years.