Thursday, November 04, 2004

Everyone I read is being so genteel about the election, so far. That means "so far so good".

The stock market is up, and that is excellent. Yes, I care about that since inheriting a bit of stock. I have no retirement. nil. So I am very thankful to be part of the capitalists of society now. Not that stocks are a sure thing.... they are not. But even if I had much in the way of Soc. Sec. how sure is that?

I used to be sort of put-out about my parents generation. I am more mellow now. Maybe. Resigned? whatever it is. I could go into it if I was riled, but as I said....

Anyway, every generation is selfish. It is the human condition. My generation is considered the ME generation. I don't know about that. Yes and no. There was some true idealism there, but I guess that could be said of most generations, too.

Same stuff different outfits.