Saturday, October 23, 2004

I wrote last month about the vertigo returning. I came across an exercise that is supposed to work - it is something that I read referred to on official medical sites, and I finally found it on a medical reference site... although I will have to find that url. The info I copied is this:
In general, MEP does not seem too complicated. It involves sitting on a bed and turning the head to the side of the affected ear. Next, the person lies back quickly onto a pillow and waits for 30 seconds. Then, without raising up, the head is turned face up 90 degrees for another 30 seconds. Finally, the entire body and head are turned another 90 degrees to the opposite side for a final 30 seconds. This routine is to be repeated 3 X's a day until a person feels no vertigo for at least 24 hours.

sounds easy enough, doesn't it?