Saturday, October 23, 2004

I'm a little frustrated lately. Some of it is in my own distractedness, some in having to correct things on the computer ( the updates and the virus programs and numerous other things), and some with the irritating habits of some bloggers.

I keep getting called on in the most picyune stuff and addressed with the most patronizing manner. Read my links, read my posts.... as if I hadn't already. I did, I had, I do again.... but it is just patronizing junk, and I know that. I know it is personal dislike of my style, but I feel the wisest way to deal with it is just patiently move ahead. Do what they ask and then move ahead. Just because I think the things I want to say are important enough. I'd link to somebody else that said it better, but just am not coming across it. Especially with the religious sorts.

Religious sorts get under my skin. Especially when they -unknowingly or not- gut the faith they say they ascribe to. I won't argue secular subjects on a religious base. I have seen many a Christian just get creamed with that. I tend to think justifiably so, although my sympathies are with the Christian. But it is time to recognize that we deal in a secular post-Christian society and the language we speak to defend matter of doctrine and faith will have to be adjusted.

I learned that along time ago, very pre-computer days for me. I was witnessing to a neighbor and in the middle she just cut me off with "I don't believe in the Bible", etc. I was totally, I mean totally non-plussed at the time. It just shut me up... because at that time I just didn't know how to address someone who just flat-out gave the Bible no credence.

I have come a very long way from that time. I know how to engage the thinking now, but my challenge is for it to actually make a difference.

I do appreciate those Christians who are gentler than me... especially some of the women bloggers. I wish I could be as comforting, but this is not how I was made. Too bad for me, really. But I know that God knows what He is doing. I really have behaved myself very politely in the blogging world, but I guess it is not polite enough. I don't know whether it is because I eat too many locusts or what.

that's a joke ;)