Thursday, March 25, 2004

Well, well, well. Upsaid has done the force your hand sort of thing. Buy or we terminate you.

So it is on to putting together a new blog for the opinions part of my online life. The only problem will be a format that fits in the frame on my website. I chose tblog despite the fact that it won't fit. I also had a live journal experiment. I must choose again.

Oh the choices.

Anyway, here are the urls- not that I will be able to do a quick job of moving everything and changing all the pointers that soon. I am being lackadaisical about the web lately. I am reading more, and have been slightly better about my daily obligations stuff. Plus it is getting nice outside. And since I don't make any money being online, it seems a shame to tether myself unnecessarily to the computer. Right?

I will have more interesting fodder- though less often if I actually live my life and report things rather than create from my interior. Although that might get interesting it would probably be in a morbid sort of way.... sort of like it has been this last winter. Who needs a fifty year old Goth?

Here are the urls: