Wednesday, March 03, 2004

100 THINGS more than you really wanted to know......

1. I am complex
2. but sometimes I would rather be simple
3. I take too long to say something, a living run-on sentence.
4. I like color, especially saturated color
5. I gravitate towards purples, but like greens, too.
6, I say "I" too much and this exercise doesn't help.
7. Because I am an introvert, an extroverted introvert.
8. that is why I keep engaging you
- I sometimes talk to people in lines ( grocery store,etc)
9. Talked to a grocery clerk about his blue hair and fingernails, once;
found out his favorite color was green,
but he felt he looked better in blue.
10. I think people are surprising and interesting
11. But little actually surprises me.
12. I might be jaded.
13. I have many children. I don't have time to gossip.
14. I do, however use the computer as an intellectual escape.
15. I tell myself that lots of things are intellectual.
16. people call me stubborn
17. I call myself convinced.
18. usually, I don't like euphemisms
19. I sometimes make allowances.
20. I focus intensely
21. I have trouble with my eyes
22. Sometimes I bore easily ( yeh, it works both ways)
23. I love magnanimity
24. I value truth over most everything else
25. which makes me a little hard to take
26. which I don't always understand, but am resigned to
27. I think associative thinking is fun
28. I think figuring out peoples patterns of behavior is fun
29. my mind is always busy
30. that is not a good thing
.... it interferes with me being actually busy in RL
31. I value people more than things
32. but I have sometimes been confused about that
33. I love different cultures
34. I often study them
35. I like Middle Eastern music and belly dance
36. I like different cuisines
37. The weirdest food I tried was eel
38. I won't tell you what I thought of it
... I like a little suspense
39. but not much... I hate horror movies
40. I went to Europe once, unexpectedly, and I am grateful for that experience.
41. I am half Hungarian.
42. I got the idea that made me superior, but I have different ideas of what is good about me now.
43. I became a born again Christian when I was 21. Age of emancipation.
44. I retain my individuality and unusualness.
45. Sometimes to my chagrin.
46. When I was a teenager I studied how to be popular from books.
47. I found out it wasn't worth the effort
48. I study from books alot. That is how I learn.
49. I am quick to give something a try if it seems worthwhile.
50. I am too quick to dispose of ideas
51. I procrastinate
52. I diddle-daddle
53. I try to make myself do one thing useful or worthwhile everyday
54. I don't always succeed
55. I tend to be melancholic
56. My faith helped me quit smoking cigarettes
57. I don't have the scary temper I used to
58. I still have anger issues at times
59. Beautiful days in the garden make me happy
60. gardening is a major coping mechanism for me
61. plus I am good at it
62. I just don't have enough time for everything I like to do.
63. I am basically compassionate
64. but I have a tough exterior
66. I refuse to be intimidated
67. I have gotten in trouble because of that
68. More suspense. I tell people lots, but I have an inner reserve.
69. I look normal on the outside;)
70. I used to exercise, and have to start again.
71. I like to debate, but question its usefulness
72. I am intp in the Myers-Briggs- but you knew that from my sidebar.
73. I am not as sure about my conclusions as when I was young.
74. But I am dead-on sure about my faith in Christ Jesus.
No thanks to me, but lots of thanks to Him.
75. I love chocolate
76. Strawberries are a favorite, as are all berries.
I am just the berries, what can I say?
77. I am a very brunette kind of person.
I was always the Midwestern Library Girl
when it was the rage to be the California Surfer Girl.
78. I am glad about that now.
79. I drink way too much coffee. The real stuff only.
80. I am a real kind of person.
Cotton, food, wood, laughter, it doesn't matter so long as its real.
81. I have told you way too much already.
82. I am a dilletante
except in two areas my life forced otherwise: having children and gardening.
83. Forced in the sense of my choices.
I have always made my own choices
84. Not all good and not all happy, but that is my philosophy of how life is.
It also has good and happy.
85. I haven't wanted to be someone else since I was in Kindergarten.
I wanted to be that cute little blonde girl, then.
86. I have few heroes.
87. I do highly respect certain people.
88. I believe in the basic dignity of man
89. but sometimes I would like to shake some people.
90. I don't like for people to ditch in lines. Or tailgate.
91. I like comedies, and I cry easily when watching tearjerker movies.
92. I like most dogs and dislike most cats.
But their personalities make a difference.
93. I won't have animals in the house.
We are enough animals as it is. ( that was not a philosophically
definitive statement.heh.)
94. I am too serious and maddeningly didactic.
95. I studied the dictionary and World Book Encyclopedia on my lunchtimes in my youth.
96. I love love love Gypsy Flamenco dancing.
97. I am a down to earth Midwesterner in outlook.
98. I care little about what is thought about that.
99. I delight in wild birds. Except starlings.
Someone needs to bring back blackbird pie and market it through McDonalds.
100. I could probably go on for quite awhile now that I am on a roll.
People encourage me to their detriment.

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