Sunday, March 07, 2004

I watched a number of movies this week. As usual, lately, I didn't sleep very much. Not sure what that will end up doing to me in the long run...but for the short run, I find I am very easily distracted ( losing my place more than usual) and I blogged excessively in the truegrit blog.

Then I felt ashamed.

I do that.

Anyway, the movies I saw were "Radio", "School of Rock", and that last Dylan one. I have to remember, ..."Masked and Anonymous" ? I think that was it.

No, silly, I never pick the movies.

My husband and my family have a far greater appetite for Hollywood entertainment, so they are always picking the movies; but here's the rub, t'is I that stays awake and watches... or previews for the kids, or whatever.

That translates into the de facto of watching too much _stuff_.
I bet it isn't healthy for my mind.

Anyway, Liked Radio and cried. Cuba is great, and the story was uplifting.
Liked "School of Rock". Liked it alot, but know I must resolve how I view the moral inconsistancies in it. I mean, the reality of letting someone highjack your kids from school and teach major life lessons in rebellion.... na-no. But the offset of the movie was that there were some real lessons in the fact that kids are people, and Black relayed a real respectfulness sans obsequiousness in how adults should relate to kids. And how everyone has a gift and ought to be part of the grand program. Plus, it was funny. Black is just plain funny, th ewild and crazy guy.

You want me to comment on Masked....? I would probably have to see it at least once more, probably twice. It covered too much in too veiled a manner to get quickly to the gist.

But it was sort of an annoying movie. So I would have to designate it as important enough to sit through a couple more times.

And this from someone who so loved Clockwork Orange that I viewed it countless times.

Although I will not now watch it again.

We have only so much life, People.

that is it...except I notice more and more blog burnout. Maybe like websites, it is suffering from popularity, which on the internet tends to disintegrate the community feel.

(ps: typos are the bane of my internet existance, my typos that is)