Saturday, February 05, 2005

Want to know how it's gone with me, lately? Really? Let me tell you ;) First, this month had been a long slide into depression...then I developed a most miserable cold, which tends to raise me out of depression since then I am truly miserable as opposed to thinking that I am miserable. So I make it through last night and get to the upside of believing that I will get better soon, only to decide I will do a little graphics work on the computer.

Now here is the part where I get enough shock to my system to really wake me up to the day. My system seems shakey, so I do the usual, reboot. It is not shutting down easily, but that's ok, nothing to worry about. I get it shut down and reboot. Only it doesn't reboot properly...nooooo, there is a black screen and error message. I call my sons...seems there is an operating system error. I have XP, without a reboot disk which has always made me monumentally nervous ( I had a viral-caused total system crash on my last machine). So I am talking to my at-home son who was last on the computer.... we try to figure how to get an XP reboot disk -QUICKLY- when he decideds to try something... and then remembers that oh yeah, he put a corrupted disk in my A-drive. Disk out, system boot, all is well, and here I am. Zip ity doo dah. I feel like I am Bill the Cat ...again. All my nerves are screaming at me.

In the meantime, my husband, in relief, confesses that he was saying to himself "Nobody goes on my computer". I pictured him with arms out in zone defense stance.... taking on all comers to HIS computer. Can't blame him really. When you let your kids use your computer you are just asking for headaches. Simply begging for it. Backup you say? Yeah, I did back up- but son ran off with the CD's and I have no idea where they are now......

The scarey thing is that I have not plumbed the depths of my inadequacy. No, I can go much further into failure than this..... it is the one thing I seem truly good at, that seems to hold no boundaries of descent for me.

Now. Where was I? graphics that's right...let's open that little program and see where this heightened adrenaline rush will take me......