Wednesday, January 19, 2005

blogger is extremely weird and inefficient today. Made inexplicable copy of the last post and absolutely will not upload the hello pics. Blah, a truly toady day.

That reminds me. Have you ever found that child book characters describe you? I am more toad than frog, and more eeyore than pooh. Most definitely I am more Puddlegum, marshwiggle, than Reepicheep. BTW, I think of all those characters I identify with as basically Scots in temperment.

Stereotypes are merely shorthand and icons for patterns of behavior anyway. People now like to make such a "to-do" over stereotyping. It smacks of profiling and the negative results of that. Our world wants a vanillaed homogenization where nobody has anything identifying and God forbid anything that stands above the crowd. God-in-empty-context forbid that!

What happens in a newspeak world, I wonder? After all, peoples senses don't just go away, for all the pressure to submerge them. They don't really drown...but morph into mermaid sirens that both draw our fear and fascination. Until we have lost the boundaries between myth and truth.

Strange to think about, isn't it?


I hate my head today. It isn't working all too well lately either. I can't think of my words and I am inutterably lazy. I must find a way to funnel in some inspiration soon- I am in danger of boring myself... and that is a very bad place to be in. I bore others long before I bore myself, usually.