Tuesday, July 06, 2004

You can always tell when a blog is made by someone who is technologically proficient AND organized. Which in my mind are synonymous characteristics, but probably aren't.

Those sorts of blogs are usually minimalist in styling, but highly pleasing in aesthetics. They have all these neat and tidy categories that help you navigate through the posts and topics.

Then you have the distractable types like me... trying desperately to pull things together and using all sorts of styles and gizmos to get it all to work.

There are those who transport their love of websites to blog form... but these always seem more like a website than a blog. Yes, there is a large difference in my opinion. That doesn't make it official by any means. (See how humble I can be when talking about something I have no real grasp of?) ( See how I will ignore those who feel that is my usual modus operandi and that it cloaks an enormous ego?).

I don't mean to have a treatise on blogging... I just was admiring the exceptional organizational traits that some people exhibit through their blog structure and design.

Go ahead and pop my bubble and tell me that software could have done all this for me too!