Saturday, July 31, 2004

Yikees! Look how long it's been. That means that no one bothers to check this blog anymore. You, dear reader, just happened here on a lark, right?

My mother was here for a week and that displaced all blog time. I drove to get her and drove her back- all in day trips. Then on the way here we had to get her dog to the kennel. My home is sure death for that dog. If he doesn't run out on the road, my huge dog would no doubt do him damage. Or else ...being a min. schnauzer he would just start to run and keep on running. And there are miles to cover before we would know where to look. Nightmare, absolute nightmare. So I am glad my mom wanted her doggie safe in a kennel for the week.

Things with the visit went well. Another surprise. Usually we have "tiffs", but not this time. I suppose because I did not lose my temper when she did the "weeding" of my pinks and moss phlox. I got over that sort of thing years ago after she proudly rooted out all my campanula cochlearfolia. That was the last my garden had of that. Only one scare this time: she wanted to "prune" my mugho pine. You cut that baby back to old growth and it is gone! So I am glad she asked me. Other than that, she did a good job cleaning out the areas I had sanctioned. Looks much, much neater; and I would never have found the time to do that ( wasn't on the agenda).

My mother likes to weed in the garden... and cut the bangs on child's hair; but that is another story. She will also groom your dog, if it is one of those little dogs like my sister's Shih Tzu.

Then it was on to executor work. I should be finishing up this coming month. Hopefully.

Next week my Uncle is coming for an overnight stay. My Dad's youngest brother, so I'll see if he wants to look through any of my Dad's family stuff or not. My Dad saved all sorts of letters and Christmas cards, etc. Not that there was lots of quantity, but it goes back a long ways.

My garden got a little work put into it, but then I got waylaid. I am in the midst of probably 100 irons in the fire. You think I surely exaggerate. I'll let you think that.

It's crazy how I live sometimes. Makes no real sense. Gots to go...maybe I will sneak in another audioblog.....