Monday, April 26, 2004

Thanks to Blogger, I now have a GMail account. I am pretty happy with it...just from looking through. I haven't actually tried using it yet, simply because I decided to keep it for particular purposes. I have no idea how it handles spam, so I am reticent to put it out in public on blogs and in sign-ups. I used to use a Netscape mail, but that was so awful due to no control of incoming messages. It is a cesspool of spam. I retain it for the sake that it is an email for some of the website services I signed up for.

But I hate cleaning out all the spam. Yahoo has been pretty good and I use hotmail for sure spam sources. I figure that it will be the spam filter for me, I just delete 98% of the mail that goes to that address.

It would be more efficient to have the internet control the spammers, but until then.....
multiple email accounts. But keeping all those passwords.... yowie.