Friday, January 30, 2004

I never used to believe that it would help my problems very much to discuss them. I talk quite a bit once I get going, and don't mind discussing most things, but usually kept my innermost problems to myself.

I have been almost confessional on some of my blog posts, and am finding it does do some good after all. It has defused some things, helped dissipate some of their power.

So now I see why writing in a journal is reputed to be healthy.

I talked for a long time with an aunt this evening. Hugely long time. I don't know if that is really what I need in terms of talking about the past, etc. But sometimes it is, and sometimes it is about others needs. My father's birthday comes up soon.

Don't you wish you could rewrite others people's lives around you sometimes?

I never wish it in an actual way...but sometimes in a wishful thinking way. Not so it would be as I like completely, but because I feel they could be happier...only if....

Ridiculous point of view, but I think that way sometimes.


I am ranting on and on about Christian doctrine in my truegrit blog, but nobody cares. Or probably, they don't like it very well. Long religious things are not to most people's tastes. Most people want something to lighten and lift their day.

Chaque a son gout.