Sunday, December 14, 2003

Today's tea choice is Twinings Chinese Oolong. My husband located it at the store. Sturdy everyday sort of tea. Shouldn't be steeped overlong.

And don't ruin it with sugar!

I visited with my aunts at the hospital -in my dad's room- on Saturday. Tried to Christmas shop with my daughter yesterday..... overspent. Easy to do with a credit card. Had some Gloria Jeans latte at the mall, too. Good grief.... the amount of money that I can spend on a cup of coffee. And enjoy it too ;)

The trouble is that my mind is on hold. I blow my ideas of budgeting when not thinking. Fritter away. But I stop before doing much damage. Frugality is a habit, after all. Not a corset.

Don't ask me where that comment came from.......