Saturday, November 01, 2003

"The maccha tea was associated with the old feudal system and its popularity declined rapidly. Sencha tea, however, epitomized freedom and informality and became a symbol of the new society." -Japanese history of Tea

It is rather odd to think of the association of tea and politics. I wonder how much of our food and drink associations have political nuance? The Boston Tea Party might not have been only about taxes... ever thought of that? Who knows whether the overthrow of aristocracy was something of the overthrow of a whole way of thinking, a whole way of life... and the tea drinking that came with it.

Tea gained favor in Japan as a health giving beverage, and there are Englishmen who have sung its praises and surely raised their cups to its benefits.

There are times when tea is cheering, more than any other cup of choice.

types of tea and its history.