Thursday, October 16, 2003


I have mostly been blogging serious opinions and things like that. Trying to get used to what *I think* is my setup on these things. But so far I really like the look of this blog. It took me forever to position the tables and that means it could look awful in something like Opera. I am presently oblivious. I think I will check out the Netscape browser on this site.

It beats me why they can't get cross platform harmony. Leftovers from commercial competition, maybe? But I almost think intellectual competition is more cut-throat. Probably it was some evil interbreeding of the two.

Ah well, i f you have newer browsers you will see that it is somewhat mollified. I suppose the money and the prestige is now in something else.

What do tech-dorks like me know? yes. I am a tech-dork....those with precious little tech ability who insist on using the internet for my own plebian purposes. yay me yay tech-dorks...yayyyyyyyyyyy.

tech-dorks arise .
[I checked the 4.7 Netscape. Bad news. The blog part of the site does not show up at all. Only the sidebar and the header. blah] more like some far off week or so from now I might play with it. Or I might not.

For anyone who chances on this post: this tech-dork HATES those mousechasing javascript graphics and words. HATES them we does. ( I do Gollum impressions when no one is looking). The only one I liked was a sparkler thing and I can't get it to work with all the other javascripts here. Other wise I would.

But the only thing I hate worse than those cursor chasers are the jumpy gifs and flash ads. I can't think and I just want to escape the page-anywhere but to the tormentors who pay for those distracting and annoying ads.

They were thought of by twelve year old boys. I am relatively sure of that.