Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I have had to listen to my kids teeny/gooey movie today. Well, they deserved it, since they were good about doing all the school stuff today.

They tell me they don't like Bach. Well, too bad.... they will get more exposure later this week, although they don't know it yet. A little surprise.

If we only went with what we think we like at ages 8-16 we would stay in a state of peer induced mediocrity.


On another note. Since I got the imood thing I have not had a decent mood. That is depressing;)
And the internet mood has been an unchanging "tired" EVERY DAY.

Why don't people get sleep? Why don't they slow down if they are so tired? People are really crazy if you think about it. It is very normal to be in a state of circular motion -running running while saying they are so weary and why don't they have time to ...blah blah. Hamsters on a run.

We drive ourselves, and we do it for reasons we have accepted as necessary. And here is the news flash.... it won't change until we change it volitionally. Different thinking, different priorities and goals. And independence from the demands of surrounding society's full court press.