Monday, March 28, 2005

I have not blogged recently as I have been tottering on the edge of hysteria in the preparations for the wedding.

I think everything is under control and then I think everything is out of control-it's a coin toss as to which depending on the day.

I did run across some very helpful flower arranging books- I will report on that when I have more than a few seconds to breathe. Right now however it's back to serious prep work for the flower bouquets.

I did find some shoes that I am very happy with. I am going for an understated hopefully elegant look for myself. All champagne beige and pearls. Except that I am sort of changing the mind on the pearls. They have some fabulous costume jewelry out there. All sparkly and colorful- many with the far east Indian look I favor. Decisions, decisions. I bought something with peridot green rhinestones that I might wear instead of the pearly stuff that I was going to layer on.

Well-I'm off....