Thursday, March 10, 2005

I changed the layout to something simpler in preparation of redesigning all my blogs between now and June. This one will have colors and backgrounds changed with some original graphics, but I like clean and crisp so the basic design is blogger dots.

How do you like the little avatar? I picked that up from a free avatar site long time ago. You have to go through hundreds to find what you like, and many of those sites closed. Things used to be kinder and simpler on the web. What changes things? As soon as people want to make money. And not the originators, many times. Lots of people used to give out their work free, just for the love of doing it, but some sharpshooter somewhere started to gather those up and sell them... the bad idea caught on as bad ideas often do- especially getting something from someone else's hard work. Now, the public is poorer for it. Besides all the bandwagon harpies who get their backs up over so-called originality. Lots of art is not purely original. Art is often the product of an organic growth of ideas passed around and translated by the artists, or sometimes craftsmen, who are a different type, but no less talented, artist.

This is sort of a rant, but not really. I believe in attribution. By all means give the artists and originators their due: both in prestige and remuneration. Some people just stretch it a bit far.

I am totally stressed, but am trying to get over it by handling things and preparing. I think I will have a lawyer rant once this executorship is over. Right now I am trying to figure out where the problem and the ineptitude lies. I am trying to figure out the problem with things dragging on so long. I keep thinking it is under control to find out -whoops there goes another one- another slip up.

That, more or less, is the continuing saga of this Spiced Tea. More sugar, less lemon, please.