Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I've been shopping more often at my nearest Wild Oats, and comparing it with where I usually shop for groceries, Krogers. I have to say that Wild Oats has it over Krogers in the fresh produce portion, especially, and since they carry all Organic brands of cereals, Wild Oats usually has better buys on those types of cereals. And their yams during the Thanksgiving season were awesome. Big fat ol' things piled high in the bins. I also stopped at Andersons which was once my favorite stop for said produce.... the puny little yams were just sad. I usually got fresh breads there, too.... but now Wild Oats has won out in that dept. also. The clerks are kinda cool, :) I just like interesting people....

I guess I am paying more attention to grocery shopping,etc., since I feel our family really needs to eat healthier and practice that type of prevention. Don't you just get tired of feeling sluggish and tired? The only thing I really need to add in is more exercise.

I also was a very good womanish cronish kind of female. I made an eye appt. Long overdue and I was putting it off. I have been very remiss since last year.

Last night I also did the mom/family prayer time. No one ever joins me in this although I had invited some old friends. And last night -while I did pray- seemed very uneventful. I am just going to take it on faith that somehow God is hearing me. I struggle with doubt because I find myself so full of anger and unbelief. So much has gone badly for me in the past few years. Yet, there has been good, I don't want to discount the good. I just don't understand my life in light of what I thought I knew about God and prayer. Very confusing time.

The the end of this update.... do I write this for you or for me? My writing maximizes boring writing style while minimizing depth. That reminds me.... I have happened upon many aspiring nano-whater it is who write novels and record things about it. It made me realize how I would be so unlikely to ever desire to do that... I just do not have the writing gene. I glop through my blogging and web page writing and that is all for the sake of conversational like communication. I do love a good read, however, and find numerous talented writers on the web. I admire them... and totally without envy:) You have to think you could do something better to envy another their talent. I just enjoy.

the actual end.