Saturday, August 21, 2004

Generic Blog Day.

I decided to use one of the nice new blogger designs.... it will take me awhile to customize it, especially at my pace of blogging! I saved the other template.... so I will be able to either resume the old ways ( not likely) or more likely just change the basic design to be more of what I want it to be.

Today I am basically happy ( relatively speaking ). It is tentative and it wouldn't take much to tip it out of balance, but I am thankful for the present good feelings. Thank you, Lord.

I have done a bit of creative work on the truegrit layout. That was fun except for my obsessive tweaking...had to align that quote div right with the horizon in the picture. And who knows how other browsers would render it anyway! But I love that obsessive saving/rebuilding/viewing. Hours of it.

I work in Frontpage to get an idea of things -but it changes all the blog codes. Very irritating. So I can't use it for seriously changing the page. I do use it for regular html work, though. Then I only have minor tweaking.