Saturday, August 21, 2004

I hate flash. It gives me a headache.
Generic Blog Day.

I decided to use one of the nice new blogger designs.... it will take me awhile to customize it, especially at my pace of blogging! I saved the other template.... so I will be able to either resume the old ways ( not likely) or more likely just change the basic design to be more of what I want it to be.

Today I am basically happy ( relatively speaking ). It is tentative and it wouldn't take much to tip it out of balance, but I am thankful for the present good feelings. Thank you, Lord.

I have done a bit of creative work on the truegrit layout. That was fun except for my obsessive tweaking...had to align that quote div right with the horizon in the picture. And who knows how other browsers would render it anyway! But I love that obsessive saving/rebuilding/viewing. Hours of it.

I work in Frontpage to get an idea of things -but it changes all the blog codes. Very irritating. So I can't use it for seriously changing the page. I do use it for regular html work, though. Then I only have minor tweaking.

Friday, August 13, 2004

You know it's been a long time since posting when you forget your password! But then I recalled it and here we are.

No one bothers to read anything updated as poorly as this..... soon it will be my truly secret diary:)

Anyway, the main reason for blogging today is that I will soon be launching into homeschooling mode. I am kind of an old and tired homeschooler.... sometimes you could substitute most any title in the homeschooler space, but familiarity breeds - compliance! Whatever. I am a little too serendipitous here. Too free thinking in the worst sort of way. I will soon be sending away for the new books. A little late, but I have plenty of stuff to get going on before that.

The one thing I will have to do this year is make a scholastic plan for at least one of the kids. I usually don't do a formal one, but she is really struggling and I will need to have something structural to work with to get her past her difficulties. So out come the big guns: lesson plans, academic goals, and resources purchased to implement them. Remedial drill stuff, mostly.

None of my children seem alike, they have such varied personalities and abilities. Where did we come from?

Oh well. This was what the evaluation tests were good for: pinpointing the weaknesses and strengths and outlining where to beef up the coming years lessons.

I have to start the real sit-down sort of schooling soon.... it is best to get into the habit earlier rather than later. But sometimes it makes me tired to think of it.

I don't sound enthused, do I? I get more excited when we start on actual learning. Usually. Hopefully.

This is the marathon .... the last couple kids to prepare for life.

Now that sounds scary, doesn't it? :)