Thursday, June 17, 2004

I learned a new word today, "colophon". I don't know why, but there are very few new words that I learn anymore. It is not like I know them all... it is more that it is highly unusual for people to use a more imaginative vocabulary.

I'm guilty of late, aussi.

Anyway here is what that word means:

An inscription, monogram, or cipher, containing the place and date of publication, printer's name, etc., formerly placed on the last page of a book.

col·o·phon ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kl-fn, -fn)
An inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication.
A publisher's emblem or trademark placed

thanks to my online dictionary of choice.

I saw it on someone's label for the usual blogging props.


I have noticed a correlation:

When I am on the computer alot, I snack alot. I don't know why -but it makes me voraciously hungry. And nothing short of a day of swimming and sunning could possibly make me that hungry.

I think this is why I gained weight this past year. Well, and the stress. Can't forget that contribution... but it used to be that I didn't eat when I was stressed......

I think I am more calm now maybe. I don't get that "stomach tied in knots" thingy anymore. I eat and be happy instead. Not good for the cholesterol levels...or anything else really.

I need to find other coping mechanisms. My husband suggests sex. I just laugh him off ;)


Again, I am blogging too much. No reason really, just sort of got in the flow and it swept me away. Maybe I just don't want to get back into my obligatory stuff. That is probably part of it.

Maybe it's the weather. Yes, that's it. I'll blame the weather.