Monday, June 14, 2004

Hidey-Ho! I am back from vacation. I posted in truegrit ( twice ;)..... and now forgot what I was going say here. Oops.

Um, I think it was about how hot it is here, hot and humid. And about the herbal pro-biotic that my sister recommended. I found it while at a great health food place in South Carolina, Earth Fare. It's called Primal Defense. Hopefully it helps me; even though it was 25% off it costs quite a bit. I'm not even sure what all it is s'posed to do, but she recommended it and I thought I would give it a whirl.

I walked the beach alot, and baked in the sun, although baking is something I don't usually do. I just figured the sunshine and sea air would improve me. It did. I think I needed two more weeks though. South Carolina is a bit hot at this time of year- I prefer Apr-May.

We spent a day at Middleton Gardens, but it was not so much a garden as a historical site. Magnolia Gardens -which we visited last time we were in Charleston was a more satisfactory garden.