Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I am thinking of my father again.

My father locked out love; he wouldn't allow it entrance. Instead he sought for lust from his different girlfriends, and then for sympathy as substitutes.

There is a lesson that it teaches me: a person should not scorn love.

We might want to separate out the demands and obligations along with expectations and images that are illusory, but the kernel of love is something we shouldn't scorn and keep outside our doors.

We judge so poorly, oftentimes. What a terrible thing that is. A well of sadness.

Love is very rich in its variations. No one has to be without it. They may not always have the romantic love they want, or the filial type, but there is often a form of it somewhere in ones life.

It does have to be rendered in some manner though. None of us is without selfishness.

But, I do know there are reasons people become hardened. Perhaps it is an indictment on our idea of love that we take so little patience with considering that.