Monday, January 12, 2004

Burningbird: To keep Burningbird or not is an example of a web-phenom. While some bloggers and people involved in the "blogosphere" are rethinking their involvement and their interest, it isn't something restricted only to "blogging". I have seen this type of 'burn-out', if you want to call it that, in Websites and with forum and list 'regulars'.

It seems to be a normal phase of relationship to ones online activities. It seems to be part of a continuum. First is the amazed newbie. Amazement at what is out there. Then comes the hardworking apprentice. This is where one learns all one can at becoming a participant. Then comes the full fledged idealist. A person who has reasons and needs for participation in this new found world online.

Eventually, each person hits more and more up against the realities of people and interactions and the "down-side" of online worlds. That is where some soul-searching takes place. On whether to continue or in what way to continue and what happened to all the idealism and the high hopes that the voyage began with.

Sometimes it is just a switch of gears, or some fine-tuning, sometimes it is an end of the road for that particular participant. However it goes, it seems fairly natural. It is individual in the directions and choices. It is also coming to terms with realities.

And we all have to do that in our lives. Even our online lives.