Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I was all happy today until I noticed that I ate some moldy cranberry bread. VERY unhappy, since I just bought it yesterday afternoon.

And previous to this I had been so satisfied with gustatory delights. OK, no one uses that language, but you have to admit it lights up the blog page. Better than "I was so happy eating...."

One reason: found real "fois de canard". That is right, duck livers instead of pork. I like liver pates if they are made from something digestable like duck:) Ate some on wheat crackers.

Made a very good Jambalaya with beef sausage last night. SO good! With petite pois and fresh sliced apples. The fam loved it.

Sometimes I don't really cook, and other times I get very experimental. Sometimes I get involved in real from-scratch cooking. It just depends.... but I hate moldy stuff that isn't supposed to be moldy. As opposed to bleu cheese, of course.

Here is a thought for Thanksgiving: how often do we let the little disappointments wipe out the larger satisfactions of our blessings?

Too often. Maybe it's that cotton feeling in my mouth. Must think of other subject.