Friday, November 14, 2003

.:: chuggnutt ::. | What's Your Matrix Name?

Mine is 'Kismet', ...all I can say is: Was this fate?

And with slightly different choices, I get a last name of Winter or Ink.

That was just from playing around with this.....

Kismet Ink.

Look, I'm tired... I fool around like this when I'm tired.

The seminar was very good last night. I got home about 11-ish or so.

It wasn't new information for me, but it was a fresh look, and the worship was wonderful. I think what I actually need is about four hours of just worshipping that way.

I wish I could say that things in my life stayed at bay, but I gave place to them. Fortunately on the way to the seminar I was listening to a radio program which had a speaker talking about anger.

Anger is what is stealing so much from me this year. Rather, to which I hand over so much....

Anyway, the point was made that anger is a secondary emotion, an indicator that hurts are present. I could see that.

The only thing I am not sure of at this point in my life is how much do we open our lives to known perpetrators of hurt? The ones that seem to deliberately inflict hurt?

They are hurt themselves, I can see that.... but their ways of 'leaking" hurt and anger, which is how the speaker described passive aggressives, are often coverups...denying that they are hurt and angry.

Then, how do you address it with them?


The subject matter of the seminar was on God Himself, in the person of the Holy Spirit. How does it all combine? The speaker at the seminar pointed out that God is a person, that His Holy Spirit is a person. And as a person, He is free. Free to respond, free to act.

We lose sight of that. Especially if we concentrate on how to "get this or that" from God or methods on specific types of prayer or such types of emphasis in the teachings we listen to.

God can be hurt by us, and we can get angry at God. The avenues of communication can be narrowed. Somewhere in my mind I have a feeling that the necessity of forgiving others to receive forgiveness for ourselves is tied up in here somewhere.

That was not in the seminar, just something I am thinking I ought to pursue with a bit of study.