Saturday, October 18, 2003

I love trees. I am one of the tree-hugger persons; in fact, I highly identify with the Ents in the Tolkien stories.
Here's a few bits of info on Ents:

According to Tom Shippey, Tolkien got the word from Anglo-Saxon/Old English: "ent" is an early form of our word "giant."

Pippin: "One felt as if there was an enormous well behind them, filled up with ages of memory and long, slow, steady thinking; but their surface was sparkling with the present; like sun shimmering on the outer leaves of a vast tree, or on the ripples of a very deep lake. I don't know, but it felt as if something that grew in the ground--asleep, you might say, or just feeling itself as something between root-tip and leaf-tip, between deep earth and sky had suddenly waken up, and was considering you and with the same slow care that it had given to its own inside affairs for endless years."

I have been developing the same wrinkled bark-like appearance, as well;) But I am young for an Ent. Give me another twenty years or so.....
Oh, and then there's the description of their language:

Entish, their language, is long-winded and difficult to catch by other people. They are the only people that use this language, and they use it only among themselves.It is sonorous, slow and has such a quality that no one has ever tried to reproduce in writing. Their likings for languages, especially the high elven-tongue, are great, They use a long time so say simple things, and names are up to many lines long.

They used a couple of days to talk about everything that needed to be talked about. Fortunately, most of them also master the common languange.
( from

Ents, MiddleEarth Tour