Monday, March 28, 2005

I have not blogged recently as I have been tottering on the edge of hysteria in the preparations for the wedding.

I think everything is under control and then I think everything is out of control-it's a coin toss as to which depending on the day.

I did run across some very helpful flower arranging books- I will report on that when I have more than a few seconds to breathe. Right now however it's back to serious prep work for the flower bouquets.

I did find some shoes that I am very happy with. I am going for an understated hopefully elegant look for myself. All champagne beige and pearls. Except that I am sort of changing the mind on the pearls. They have some fabulous costume jewelry out there. All sparkly and colorful- many with the far east Indian look I favor. Decisions, decisions. I bought something with peridot green rhinestones that I might wear instead of the pearly stuff that I was going to layer on.

Well-I'm off....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Met with the legal people. The paralegal was sick and I felt very sorry for her. I was late to the meeting, too. ADVICE: try not to go through probate. I just think it is extremely complicated. It has high costs, too. Not that estates don't anyway. Death is expensive these days. I just want to be buried in a plain box.

But they won't do that, you know. You can't get buried in a box in your back yard.

Think of how it hurts resale. ( that's a joke,son)

Oh well. I have to work like a crazy woman for the next two weeks....and I don't even know what I'm doing. Worse than usual.

The weather's been pretty nice, though. Short but sweet today...short anyway. Take care out there people.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I changed the layout to something simpler in preparation of redesigning all my blogs between now and June. This one will have colors and backgrounds changed with some original graphics, but I like clean and crisp so the basic design is blogger dots.

How do you like the little avatar? I picked that up from a free avatar site long time ago. You have to go through hundreds to find what you like, and many of those sites closed. Things used to be kinder and simpler on the web. What changes things? As soon as people want to make money. And not the originators, many times. Lots of people used to give out their work free, just for the love of doing it, but some sharpshooter somewhere started to gather those up and sell them... the bad idea caught on as bad ideas often do- especially getting something from someone else's hard work. Now, the public is poorer for it. Besides all the bandwagon harpies who get their backs up over so-called originality. Lots of art is not purely original. Art is often the product of an organic growth of ideas passed around and translated by the artists, or sometimes craftsmen, who are a different type, but no less talented, artist.

This is sort of a rant, but not really. I believe in attribution. By all means give the artists and originators their due: both in prestige and remuneration. Some people just stretch it a bit far.

I am totally stressed, but am trying to get over it by handling things and preparing. I think I will have a lawyer rant once this executorship is over. Right now I am trying to figure out where the problem and the ineptitude lies. I am trying to figure out the problem with things dragging on so long. I keep thinking it is under control to find out -whoops there goes another one- another slip up.

That, more or less, is the continuing saga of this Spiced Tea. More sugar, less lemon, please.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I found out what I don't like about the whole wedding planning process:
The word "perfect".

Monday, March 07, 2005

Received my Adagio teas, today. I was so happy and surprised that the package arrived so soon after signing up. After I try the teas, I plan to order from them...just because I liked getting the samples. I will most likely order a collection of oolong, since that is my favorite tea of the moment.

Unrelated. I posted some jokes on my other blog, and I started thinking about how people need to laugh. We need to have things that make us chuckle and smile and laugh out loud. It is healing and wholesome.

Not that my jokes were wholesome...they weren't; it is just that it can be like priming the well. Sometimes we get so sad we laugh. Well, I do. And then it is just a matter of allowing that to lift ones view enough to see the amusing and even the joyful.

Maybe that is why I prefer comedy to most other types of entertainment right now. I get so weighed down for so long, that it is just not healthy, and a stand up comedy like the Blue Collar- except for one of the guys, one is just too crass for my liking. Or old SNL, stuff like that.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

What Happened to Truegrit?

For those of you who happen to know this is a blog done by little ol' moi the same who is notoriously infamous (as opposed to famous) for writing truegrit, I will proceed to complain about the strange transmografications (ok the spellings off-it's a weird word) of truegrit -as the guys over @ try to upgrade their servers...or whatever. I sympathize with them, anything done on the tech backend of websites is just plain scary and fraught with dangers of LOSING EVERYTHING. Face that. If I cared about the longevity of my writing I would back up everything. twice. But I leave it to chance which means I know I stand a pretty good chance of starting over who knows how many times.

I have been there before. Red Rival and Crosswinds dumped my sites on their servers numerous times before going paid and then leaving me out in the rain (homeless). Much like upsaid. So, yeh, been there before.

It looks like weblogs has old truegrit template and files up to Oct. 04.
I don't know, I guess that is better than nothing... and I remain optimistic that they'll get it right. If not.... there is google for die-hard retrieving.

I'll just do clean-slate pollyanna. Or get retrograde angry...which is dynamic for mean blogging I guess..... let's see which way I land after the geeks try their hand at server-switching.